Samuel Pickard

Adventurer in Time and Mobile since 2001

Mobile Developer

I'm a very experience mobile developer, helping large and small businesses across the world deliver mobile applications.

You can contact me at sjp (at)

Core Skills

Technical Lead

I've run mobile development teams over three continents, and I'm an experienced technical lead capable of delivering software with developers in the UK and abroad.

Enterprise level mobile applications

I've been producing enterprise-ready mobile applications since 2001. I've integrated dozens of XML-based web services and JSON based RESTful services. In the past I've written my own JSON parser, XML DOM and SOAP client. I am an expert in integrating mobile applications into enterprises.

API Design

Quick, accurate, detailed and precise designs of API to co-ordinate different development teams

Mobile Application Development

iOS (iPhone and iPad) | Android | Windows Phone | Windows Mobile | MoSync | BlackBerry | Ubuntu Touch

WorldPay Zinc

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WorldPay Zinc is a mobile chip & PIN solution for merchants and traders who would not normally be able to take card payments.

I am the Technical Lead for the project, producing solution architecture on mobile and in the enterprise. I manage teams of developers in the UK and India, as well as UK based hardware and software suppliers. I have responsibility for the technical governance of the project.

The application is available for both iOS and Android, and I have daily hands-on sessions with developers in both areas, providing guidance, support and getting my hands dirty with code where necessary. I work on source code every day, producing PCI-DSS compliant applications.

We've met extremely aggressive timelines to get the solution to market on time and on budget, and the project is now live and rolled out across the UK.

I've also shaped a new SDLC, bringing some agile processes and tools to the project, including Git, JIRA and Jenkins.


WorldPay 2013-2015

Technical Lead, leading teams in London and India to deliver a mobile payments solutions. Integrates with devices over Bluetooth, and secure web services over SOAP. PCI compliant. Micro, SME and corporate markets.

AppMancer 2010-2013

I created the AppMancer SDK for MoSync. These were the missing libraries of high level functions, for downloads, storage, JSON, SOAP, Web Services, DOM and a full UI library

Datilo 2007-2010

Datilo was a full offline data portal. It was a white-label system for creating smartphone like experiences, before smartphones were common.

Motorola 2005-2007

As the sole SME for mobile apps in EMEA region, I worked closely with mobile network operators and, broadcasters, banks and media companies to deliver services which have changed their business forever

KPMG 2001-2005

I was the lead mobile developer for KPMG in the UK